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About me (EN)

Hello everyone, I'm Marco, better known as Wuestenigel (Desert Headgehog). I'm 42 years old and live in the beautiful city of Cologne. I would like to introduce myself and talk a little about my passions and goals.

My enthusiasm for chess began as early as 1994 when I joined the chess club at our school. It was an exciting time during which I was able to achieve some remarkable successes. The highlight was undoubtedly winning the German School Chess Cup in 1998, where we even managed to defeat the @arkadijnaiditsch family. I even had the privilege of playing in the second Bundesliga once. However, after these exciting years, I disappeared for about 15 years and dedicated myself to other interests.

In 2020, after a long chess break, I decided to get back into it and rekindle my passion for the game. I am now a relaxed chess streamer trying to reconnect with the old times. I am a proud member of the KSK Dr. Lasker 1861 e.V. club and regularly stream chess and other games like Valorant on Twitch.

I am aware that I am not uncontroversial in the chess world. My handling of copyright in my previous work as a photographer did not go down well with everyone. I have decided to deal with it openly and have written a detailed statement on my Discord.

For the year 2023, I have set high goals. I want to become a Discord partner, achieve the Diamond Rank in Valorant, and eventually earn a real ELO. I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead and am curious about what the future holds.

I hope that you will accompany me on my journey and that we will experience many exciting moments together. See you soon on my Twitch channel or on my Discord server!

Stand: 29.06.2023