Credit: Pierre Adenis/ World Chess/ Hikaru Nakamura.

My Best Chess Games; Hikaru Nakamura

Hello everyone, Today's match is None other than Hikaru Nakamura!! find enclosed my post's blog;

This particular game is one of my most memorable and outstanding game, also because of the fact that it was streamed in live to thousands of chess players, what brightened and motivated me during the match, a mix of emotions with a victorious outcome for me.
In this game I opted for the Bird-Leningrad Variation in wich it sounded kinda audacious by me, the reason is;
Nakamura is an Expert Dutch-Leningrad player, the main model player of my repertoires!
The game followed with a solid line and closed position, in which I had the opportunity to follow in a creative way sacrificing a quality and minor piece to have a more interesting game.
without further delay, the game is there;