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GM ViejoTortuga

No note yet
Vladimir Dobrov

Dear chess friends! I am a coach, sometimes chessplayer, sometimes streamer and videoblogger. Official chess coach of National Team of Russia since 2013. Feel free to contact me at: Join our channel with IM Mikhail Lushenkov (Gannikus) and our community - ShProTeam. Follow us! Follow our channel! We will be very much happy if you can join us!

FIDE rating: 2515
Moscow, Russia

Member since 01-Mar-2017


Game completion rate: 97%

Time spent playing: 2 days, 14 hours and 57 minutes

Time on TV: 16 hours and 47 minutes

Practised 1 position on The Skewer
Gained 2 new followers

35 wins15 losses
Played 50 Chess960 games 2076157
33 wins1 draw13 losses
Played 47 Bullet games 255823
5 wins1 draw1 loss
Played 7 Blitz games 254745
Competed in 2 tournaments
Ranked #2 (top 1%) with 49 games in Chess960 Shield Arena
Ranked #2 (top 2%) with 46 games in Elite Bullet Arena

Practised 4 positions on Zugzwang
22 wins1 draw5 losses
Played 28 Blitz games 250245
Competed in 2 tournaments
Ranked #1 (top 3%) with 14 games in IM Gannikus ShProTeam Arena
Ranked #16 (top 16%) with 13 games in Elite SuperBlitz Arena

26 wins2 draws14 losses
Played 42 Bullet games 250869
Competed in 1 tournament
Ranked #10 (top 1%) with 41 games in agadmator's $500 Arena

9 wins
Played 9 Chess960 games
Gained 4 new followers
Competed in 1 tournament
Ranked #1 (top 4%) with 9 games in ShProTeam Arena

8 wins7 losses
Played 15 Bullet games 257738
Gained 1 new follower