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Paul Bonomi

Argentine guy working in London. Playing just for fun. "On the bright side, I no longer have any more pieces to lose." John ~ZugAddict~ Chernoff

London, Argentina

Member since 21-Apr-2017


Time spent playing: 1 day, 9 hours and 14 minutes

Time on TV: 15 minutes

96 wins88 losses
Solved 184 tactical puzzles162259
Started following 1 player

72 wins58 losses
Solved 130 tactical puzzles1681117

53 wins58 losses
Solved 111 tactical puzzles156465

49 wins40 losses
Solved 89 tactical puzzles162932
Started following 2 players

59 wins53 losses
Solved 112 tactical puzzles159722
Started following 1 player

43 wins44 losses
Solved 87 tactical puzzles161996
Started following 1 player

53 wins41 losses
Solved 94 tactical puzzles1715119