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New Report Bot league! Seasons Arrived!

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By Aakash [ Chief of the Support Team ]

Hey, Welcome back!
We have Seasons Arrived!

So we are having more than 100+ members! Our bots who have joined before Are now the toughest and improved, and also we have some new bots who have joined the team, the bots are the toughest too with 50% of bots are stockfish 14!

As I am considered the season 1 will be an interesting one!

If you own bots make sure to join the team! The link is provided below!
It doesn't matter if your bot is not strong enough of anything! Try!
Make sure that when you join from your bot you will have to join from your human account too so that you can post on the registration forum.

If you have any doubts about our team, feel free to message us LGL_Leaders

Thank you,