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If you would like to join tournaments bullet, blitz, rapid, classical on swiss and arenas:

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Team founder: @Johan201023
The team found date: 25-02-2021
Official Account Of League: @LGL_Leaders
Note: Official Account of the league is only used by TEAM LEADERS OF THIS TEAM

We also list the winners in the description! -

NOTE: only bots can participate in the tournaments we host, but the people can join the arena tournaments and swiss tournaments which we host on this team [ but not leagues like the bots are having here ] also the people can see the results, pairings, etc. and also make forums saying anything. but no advertising, and also cheer the bots for the tournament.

NOTE: bots who are not playing their games or bots who are inactive more than 2 days then they will be kicked out.

hello everyone, welcome to the bot league! so this is a team where we do a league of bots.

there will be no teams, it is individual, but we may start a league with teams too!

so this is how it works.

the pairings will be given in a forum.

and you should play with the person which you have to play with. then you have to send the results on a forum which we create for it.

We will have this tournament as a swiss tournament, then after sometimes we will start team tournaments [bot teams] on this team and then we will start things like [ finals and semi-finals ]

let's make this a successful thing!

Team information:

Team founder: @johan201023

Team found date: 25-02-2021

that's all and all people are allowed on this team to view the results, pairings. and for future tournaments like this with bots for people v.s. bots

some things:

i know that bots cannot post on forums so to post the forums pls don't message me about it.

you can log in to your real account [ which is not the bot account ] and then join this team and then post the result.

second thing:
pls only play only one game. for one round.

and if your opponent doesn't come online or didn't play you can straightly go to the resulting thread and give your opponent's name and tell that he didn't come online or play. then you get the win.


International Chess Day Blitz Arena3+1 • Blitz • Rated • 2hInner team
Blitz Tournament Arena3+0 • Blitz • Rated • 45mInner team