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GM Kiborg1987

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Borki Predojevic

Well known on Playchess as Kiborg and on ICC as Kiborg1987 :-) Here is more about my chess career: European Champion U12 (1999) and U14 (2001); World Champion U16 (2003); Vice champion with CC "Bosna" Sarajevo on European Club Cup (2004); The youngest grandmaster in history of Bosnia and Herzegovina (17 years old); Member of World TOP 100 in period 2007-2009 (best place 68th); Peak elo 2655 (2016)…

FIDE rating: 2620
Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Member since 22-Dec-2018


Game completion rate: 100%

Time spent playing: 3 hours and 17 minutes

Time on TV: 50 minutes

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5 wins
Played 5 Blitz games2552154
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14 wins1 draw
Played 15 Bullet games263318
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Competed in 1 tournament
Ranked #1 (top 1%) with 15 games in Hourly Bullet Arena

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13 wins3 draws6 losses
Played 22 Bullet games261537
3 wins
Played 3 Blitz games2398112
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6 wins2 losses
Played 8 Bullet games25786
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