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En Croissant: The Ultimate Chess Toolkit

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En Croissant is an open-source, cross-platform chess GUI that aims to be powerful, customizable and easy to use.

I've been working on a fully-featured chess GUI that has all the nice features of Lichess, and Chessbase combined into a single app. There's still a lot to be done, but it already covers a big range of things you might want from a chess analysis app.

Here's some of the features available:

  • Analyze with multiple local and cloud engines at the same time
  • Game report with evals and annotations (ranging from blunder to brilliancy)
  • Single-click engine and database installations
  • Advanced database search options like searching for games with similar pawn structures
  • Download games from and lichess accounts
  • Get stats from openings you've played and see ratings over time
  • Store and manage PGN files (like lichess studies) locally
  • Practice positions from your opening files and keep track of your learning progress
  • Offline tactics training (with the full lichess collection of 3 million puzzles)

If you're interested, check out!