Harry Nelson Pillsbury

Pillsbury wins with the Pillsbury Attack in 26 moves

The queen is king on h3

Featured is a game between Harry Nelson Pillsbury and Georg Marco from 1900. In reply to Marco’s plan to fianchetto his queen bishop in the Queen’s Gambit Declined, the pioneer of the Pillsbury Attack, Harry Nelson Pillsbury, begins to orchestrate a kingside attack beginning with Ne5. Pillsbury’s strong knight outpost along with his king bishop pinpointing h7 sets the stage for the white queen to coordinate beautifully with them from the h3 post. This is a model game for the Pillsbury Attack. I think it’s pretty awesome that a game played 123 years ago can inspire the chess minds of today. Maybe it is in part because Pillsbury was ahead of one’s time.

Harry Nelson Pillsbury vs Georg Marco | 1900

Below the video I have highlighted 2 positions

Question 1 of 2: What is black's best move?

Question 2 of 2: What is white's best move?

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