Vidit Gujrathi 44th Chess Olympiad

Image of Vidit Gujrathi courtesy of Lennart Ootes

India's Vidit Gujrathi plays the Bayonet Attack

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It's India's 1st team vs Zimbabwe in Round 1 of the 44th Chess Olympiad

Featured is a round 1 game from the 44th Chess Olympiad held in Chennai, India between India's Vidit Gujrathi and Zimbabwe's Rodwell Makoto. The opening is a sharp King's Indian Defense, Bayonet Attack. Several variations are highlighted during the middlegame, with a primary focus on structural changes. When I initially skimmed through the game, I was surprised to learn that the thematic break in the King's Indian Defense on move 14 was a big blunder! The big question would be however, "How could white punish it?".

Vidit Gujrathi vs Rodwell Makoto | 44th Chess Olympiad, Round 1
Below are 4 positions I draw attention to in the video

Question 1 of 4: What is white's best reply to f5?

Question 2 of 4: What is black's best reply to a5?

Question 3 of 4: How can white forcefully pursue an attack against the black king?

Question 4 of 4: Why is Bd3 the best way to defend c4?

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