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Bobby Fischer crushes 2-time Argentine Champion

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How to turn a knight into an octopus

Featured is the game between Bobby Fischer and 2-time (1946 & 1948) Argentine Champion Julio Bolbochán from the 1962 Stockholm Interzonal. Fischer demonstrates how one can attempt to obtain a superior minor piece with the Adams Attack in response to the Sicilian Defense, Najdorf variation. Pay special attention to how Fischer’s kingside pawn play not only indirectly influenced the hole on d5, but also impacted Bolbochán’s 3 minor pieces. After move 20, Fischer wrote: “White has a strategically won game; his knight cannot be dislodged.”

Bobby Fischer vs Julio Bolbochán | 1962 Stockholm Interzonal

Below the video I have highlighted 3 positions

Question 1 of 3: What is the minor issue with 9...Be7?

Question 2 of 3: How should white address black's pressure on a2?

Question 3 of 3: Would you recapture on d5 with the pawn or queen?

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