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11-year-old Magnus Carlsen’s brilliant board vision

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Don't move until you see it...

Featured is the game between 11-year-old Magnus Carlsen and Tor Gulbrandsen from the 2002 Ostlandserien 01/02 div. 1, Asker-Nordstrand event. The opening is a French Defense, Tarrasch variation with the young Carlsen opting to play a gambit in exchange for a lead in development and attacking prospects, largely based on his significantly stronger light-squared bishop. Carlsen’s reply to Gulbrandsen’s 19th move provides us with a window into just how brilliant the 11-year-old’s board vision had already matured.

Magnus Carlsen vs Tor Gulbrandsen, 2002

Below the video I have highlighted 2 positions

Question 1 of 2: Which side typically benefits by maintaining this pawn tension?

Question 2 of 2: What is black's best reply to 16. Bg5?

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