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Alex Ford

Born in California, USA, 1945. Graduated from HS and SD State U. MA 1982, Chapman U. Played chess with family members and a few friends off and on over the years. Retired and have been bored lately and saw some of the great games reviewed on line a few days ago. Tried a few chess puzzles and scenarios. Was never all that good at chess. Still have trouble visualizing the board with the letters/numb…

Simi Valley, United States

Member since 17-Aug-2018


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33 wins22 losses
Solved 55 tactical puzzles160212

3 wins4 losses
Solved 7 tactical puzzles161419

37 wins23 losses
Solved 60 tactical puzzles163375

11 wins13 losses
Solved 24 tactical puzzles155862

82 wins59 losses
Solved 141 tactical puzzles162092

17 wins19 losses
Solved 36 tactical puzzles152840

5 wins7 losses
Solved 12 tactical puzzles156840
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