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Learn How to Play Chess in 10 Minutes

ChessNetwork Rules Fundamentals Beginner

How to play chess/Learn the rules of chess:
0:22 How to set up the chess board
1:18 How the rook moves
1:35 How the bishop moves
1:46 How the queen moves
2:03 How the king moves/Game objective
2:21 What is 'check'? / What does checkmate mean?
3:55 How the knight moves
4:36 How the pawn moves/captures
5:43 Pawn promotion
6:22 How does En passant work?
7:56 How to castle in chess
10:06 What does stalemate mean?
10:55 Draw by 50-move rule
11:18 Draw by Perpetual check
11:44 Draw by threefold repetition
12:27 Draw by insufficient material

A big thank you to those below who've offered to freely translate this video's English Captions. Each has played a big part in opening new doors to the game.

Arabic by Mamdouh Ismail
Chinese by Tianmi
Czech by Mikuláš
Dutch by Dirk Maes
French by Guillaume Voiron
German by Tianmi
Greek by Kostas Kokkalidis
Hindi by Vipul Tripathi
Hungarian by Tamás
Italian by Davide Luigi
Norwegian by Stian
Polish by Chris Bryzek
Portuguese by Nando
Spanish by Martín
Swedish by Seymour_Stein

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