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10 tips to quickly improve your rook endgames

BlitzStream Rook Pawn King Endgame Beginner

The 10 tips to quickly improve your rook endgames:

1st Activate your rook (often on the 7th or 2nd rank)

2nd Having an active rook is more important than defending a pawn forever

3rd Centralize your king

4th The whole pawn chain is better when defended by 1 pawn

5th More advanced pawns are better (not always)

6th Exchange a pair of rooks when up in material

7th Learn by heart most basic endgames like Lucena and Philidor

8th A rook is better behind a passed pawn

9th When you are down in material create counterplay by making a passed pawn on the side where you have equal material

10th Understand for whom the pawn endgame is favourable in the case of a rook exchange