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5 members

zug additct fan club!! TEAM

Tournament points: 91,113

Team leader: rookie_gto

Best players

  1. LM Lance5500
  2. ZiggyBlues
  3. MRlol
  4. rookie_gto

Recent members

if you love zug,join! that is all
Location: world

Forum (5)

  1. zug additct fan club!! forum rookie_gto

    he could mail it I guess :)

  2. zug additct fan club!! forum rookie_gto


  3. by the way...we aren't inovating LittleCartier

  4. zug additct fan club!! forum LittleCartier

    If we want to be a real fan club we need to collect something from Zug: his autograph in a bank check or a sweated sock. Something!

  5. zug additct fan club!! forum lichess

    Welcome to the zug additct fan club!! forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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