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80 members

yoavjmteam TEAM

For ultra attackers
Location: Lichess

Forum (7)

  1. A team for those who would like to have ⅛+0 time control Chesstroll_Berserk Join our new team if you would like to play more berserked ultrabullet (⅛+0)!

  2. join!!!??? Julian2008

    will anyone join in my tornament?! please!!! ;)

  3. hello!!! Julian2008

    hello will anyone join in my team?! ;) please!!! ;)

  4. Attack Yoavjmberserk

    Yes always go for an attack.

  5. Keep atatcking Yoavjmberserk

    you attack he defends you attack again.

  6. Attack pandasushisandbag

    Always go for an attack.

  7. yoavjmteam forum lichess

    Welcome to the yoavjmteam forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

yoavjmteam Forum »