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128 members

World Chess Players Association (WCPA) TEAM

The World Chess Players Association is for Everyone. WCPA is to help us to get better and become World Chess Players unless you already are one, but that still doesn't matter. Also you can play a casual members only tournament every month on a Friday. Become apart of the WCPA! - Chairman, and CEO CJErvin is the Chairman of this Team. I will send you a message if you have been selected as a Chairman.

and for those who hate cheating go to
Location: International (Saint Louis, MO, USA HQ)

Forum (33)

  1. WCPA Tournament Schedule checkmate-master

    11:00 AM CST

  2. WCPA Tournament Schedule checkmate-master

    Aah sorry

  3. WCPA Tournament Schedule TheAnonymousOne

    11:00 PM, or AM you gotta specify.

  4. WCPA Tournament Schedule checkmate-master

    so 11:00 CST?

  5. WCPA Tournament Schedule TheAnonymousOne

    Sure. If Everyone is alright with it I am up for it.

  6. WCPA Tournament Schedule checkmate-master


  7. WCPA Tournament Schedule checkmate-master

    Can you maybe change the time when it starts? 15:00 CST is late in the night here. Maybe can it be on 10:00 or 11:00 CST? Thats in the early evening here. Is that also ok in America?

  8. WCPA Tournament Schedule checkmate-master

    1. Antichess 2. Standard (15+15)

  9. WCPA Tournament Schedule TheAnonymousOne

    I say antichess.

  10. WCPA Tournament Schedule AREA11


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