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Sunday Swiss10+3 • Rapid • Rated4 rounds swiss
Sunday Swiss10+3 • Rapid • Rated4 rounds swiss
Sunday Swiss10+3 • Rapid • Rated3 rounds swiss
Sunday Swiss10+3 • Rapid • Rated4 rounds swiss
Sunday Swiss10+3 • Rapid • Rated4 rounds swiss


Join my new team for Watford juniors and Watford Senoirs. Just Search Watford for all!KnightSlasher2020 •

This is where the young can challenge the old and the old can challenge the young. This is an environment for everyone to grow in and have fun!

My tournament KnightSlasher2020 •

Who is the best in the club play my tournament every Saturday and after 4 tournaments we will see who the winner of each season is! By Avy

Challenge a Membercecilsloan •

Does anyone know how to challenge a team member when you see they are online?

Watford Chess Club forumcecilsloan •

Bullet Team Battle 2+1 • Bullet • Rated • 1h 1 teams battle 25 Mar 2020, 20:00 0 Please ignore this Bullet Team Battle announcement. I mistakenly created a Team Battle when I meant to create

Watford Chess Club forumtotriornottotri •

It's called "English Chess Players" This is the page below: This is the official team of the English Chess Federation (ECF), and generally all English or Anglophile chess enthusiasts. Clic

Watford Chess Club forumtotriornottotri •

There is also a Watford Chess Club over on Chess.Com I'd also like to highlight that you can also play rated (online) games through ECF. There is an ECF

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