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VoteChess TEAM

A club for those who participate in @VoteChess games! @VoteChess is a bot made by @Hyzer.
Location: Lichess

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  1. VoteChess Suggestions torclyn

    Hi there, I'm new to this discussion on lichess and to this group, so I just hope my suggestions won't get me kicked out again right away ;-) What appeals to me in votechess is the possibility to act

  2. Match with Votechess Saturday 14.00 GMT! Vycm

    Feel free to join!

  3. Revive VoteChess! BongcloudMasterKe2

    Create a new forum topic and I'll sticky it :)

  4. Revive VoteChess! Vycm

    I will play Saturday at 14.00 GMT for about 2 hours. Just in case you wanted to know :)

  5. Revive VoteChess! BongcloudMasterKe2

    I have an idea: what if we schedule VoteChess match times to maximize player count? We can decide on the match times and post them here in a stickied team thread and on the main forum. Maybe that w

  6. Revive VoteChess! Water_Flame

    yeah RIP votechess :(

  7. Revive VoteChess! Allonautilus

    It is also sad to be playing alone on the vote side, it is effectively playing one-on-one with time odds skewed very heavily against the vote side, which makes it hard to play good moves. The team is

  8. Revive VoteChess! thekid456

    Hmm yeah sad no spectators

  9. Revive VoteChess! Chess-Guy123

    Yeah, do it. I am really sad when I challenge VoteChess and there are no spectators.

  10. Revive VoteChess! BongcloudMasterKe2

    Do it :)

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