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Vote Chess TEAM

An organized community effort to play vote chess against Stockfish (and possibly against strong human players in the future). We need everyone's voice, no matter the skill level! If you like, you can choose to vote only on the moves you feel strongly about.

Benefits of joining:
- Take part in a game against one of the world's strongest engines
- Improve your own correspondence chess skills by discussing moves with others
- No obligation to vote on every single move
- Make the team's analysis better by posting your ideas
- The more votes there are, the better the moves will be
- It's fun!

Inspired by this thread: (Credit goes to todo_pro for his idea!)

Forum (587)

  1. How about a new game against Stockfish? Alihene

    casual games only:(

  2. How about a new game against Stockfish? seanysean


  3. How about a new game against Stockfish? hatchet

    Hey guys, I see that this thread looks pretty dead, but I wanted to play a game against Stockfish again. I would be happy to use my computer as well and see how we can exploit the mistakes this medioc

  4. Another game against Stockfish? JoseO

    Did a game get started?

  5. Another game against Stockfish? Eetu-R

    level 8 stockfish :D

  6. Another game against Stockfish? JoseO

    I would want to try level 8 again.

  7. Another game against Stockfish? rajma420

    Les goooooo s-fish level 8

  8. Another game against Stockfish? Chessatom

    If you are interested in another game against Stockfish (level 7 or 8), please express your interest here, and state whether you want to play level 7 or 8. If we get at least 5-7 interested people, th

  9. Official List of Team Games Chessatom

    Game 1 study: (for contributing privileges, ask me and I'll invite you)

  10. Official List of Team Games Chessatom

    This thread will make it easier to access our games! Game 1: (started on 4/27/2016)

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