University of Liverpool Chess Society

65 members

The official team for the University of Liverpool Chess Society.

Since we are unable to play in person due to COVID-19, I have set up this team as a way for us to set up some fun games between society members.

We will set up tournaments in society sessions, but feel free to challenge people during and outside of sessions!

Casual sessions:
You are strongly encouraged to join a voice chat with (at least) the player on the other side of the board. If you can't do this for whatever reason, please get in contact with Harlan.


ChessSoc Arena NUMBER ONE :O Arena5+3 • Blitz • Casual • 2hInner team
yy Arena1+0 • Bullet • Casual • 2hInner team
normal chess Arena2+0 • King of the Hill • Casual • 2hInner team
tournamenttourntournamentament Arena5+1 • Blitz • Casual • 2hInner team
waiting move Arena5+0 • Blitz • Casual • 45mInner team