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In association with the South Asian Chess Council's - As an outstanding initiative of Chess Federation of Pakistan

We are organising the inaugural event on the occasion of Universal Children's day in the 75th Year of United Nations to bring chess in the meaning context of enriching the Social Opportunity, peace and Prosperity of our South Asian Children.

This event is an Online event - Free of Charge Open to Children from National Chess Federation in South Asian Region.
Location: SACC - Online (Islamabad - Pakistan)


SACC Cadet -Youth Online Boys15+5 • Rapid • Rated8 rounds swiss
SACC Cadet -Youth Online Girls15+10 • Rapid • Rated8 rounds swiss
SACC Online - Youth U16 Open15+10 • Rapid • Rated1 rounds swiss
SACC Youth Official Event20+10 • Classical • Rated2 rounds swiss
SACC Cadet Official Event20+10 • Classical • Rated2 rounds swiss


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