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3 members

Three-check lichess Olympiads TEAM

Tournament points: 9,516

Team leader: SACRDave

Best players

  1. Yosiaryan
  2. Starvers

Recent members

We will hold an official Three-check Olympiad tournament that lasts 5 hours for 1 week every month. Whoever gets first wins $100, second, $50, and third, $20. You can also join if you love three-check. You can do what you like but no trolls, insult or other things that can cause you to be banned or you will be out of my team and will not participate in the Olympiads. Have Fun!
Location: Lichess

Forum (3)

  1. Three-check lichess Olympiads forum nikitasa

    ok hello haha

  2. /new/ Thee-check Forum 2018 !!! nikitasa

    hello is new Three-check FORUM 2018 !!! 1 FORUM OF my Three-check hou 2018 !!! For pl USA USA USA

  3. Three-check lichess Olympiads forum lichess

    Welcome to the Three-check lichess Olympiads forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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