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The Triple B (Big Bad Bullet) players TEAM

A place where all bullet players, fast and slow (1/2+0 all the way to 2 1) can meet together and discuss stuff :)
Location: THE WORLD

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  1. Team Matches NM Titus369

    Hmmm..... Use both of your counts Joseph.

  2. Team Matches Checkers-Network

    oh thats cool. I'm in.

  3. Team Matches NM Mistystar

    like teams can challenge other teams, and then there is a board line up, based on ratings, etc.

  4. Team Matches NM Mistystar

    if u have been on, u will know. but on, i would assume if thibault adds it that it would similar.

  5. Team Matches Checkers-Network

    what are team matches

  6. Team Matches NM Mistystar

    Hey everyone, this is team leader NM Mistystar aka Deathmaster. I'm just asking if thibault implements the team matches, would anyone be interested in participating? I may create a new group specifica

  7. Intense Bullet Games seanysean


  8. Intense Bullet Games NM Deathmaster LM Lance5500 tried berserk on me :)

  9. The Triple B (Big Bad Bullet) players forum lichess

    Welcome to the The Triple B (Big Bad Bullet) players forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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