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It all started with an idea and 2 horde games...

Nice looking games, and hard challenges, but they are very long, almost 300 moves...

Then @ProgramFox asked us if we could do it faster than that, and then told us we could make a contest, so here it is!

In the HCC, an interesting horde position will be chosen every week. The goal: Find the fastest possible way of getting to that position! You have a 5 days to create the move sequence in a study, or play it in a game. At the end the one with the shortest move sequence wins! In the case of a tie, the members who tied are given 2 more days to find a faster sequence.

Every week there are alternating Solo Challenges and Team Challenges. In Team challenges you can collaborate with another member of the HCC. If all other members are already paired and you are alone, you can collaborate with someone outside of the HCC.

1. No copying. You are not allowed to copy the move sequences of other members. Everyone should post their move sequences in the final day, but if you do see one you are not allowed to use it.

2. Collaboration is allowed only in team challenges. You are not allowed to collaborate with someone else in solo challenges. When collaborating in team challenges you have to state who you are collaborating with. Collaboration in team challenges is not required but facing the challenge alone puts you at a disadvantage compared to the other members.

3. Don't disrespect other players. Lichess Terms of Service apply here.

In the HCC forum you can find threads where you can learn more about this, chat with other players, and see what the next challenges are.

And don't forget, have fun!
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Solo/Team ChallengesAcademicNinja99 •

Here you can find the current challenges, please don't post here. To post move sequences for a challenge or to state whom you are collaborating with (only in Team challenges), please go to the special

HCC LoungeAcademicNinja99 •

Chat here with other members! You are not allowed to post move sequences, studies, or games related to the current HCC challenges here, and I will delete any posts that contain them.

Questions About the HCCAcademicNinja99 •

Have any questions about the Horde Creation Championships? Post them here and me (or another member) will reply to them as soon as possible! Also the place to write suggestions if you have any.

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