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The English Opening Team TEAM

This team is for everyone with an established rapid or blitz rating who regularly plays the English Opening.

Includes free "Honk if You Love the English Opening" bumperstickers.*

*Not really.
Location: East of West

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  1. Hey, everyone! Jacob531

    I thought a good way to get some team spirit back would be to go here: and upvote the English Opening! Head there and make the En

  2. Hey, everyone! Jacob531

    Been a long time. Just wondering if you guys have any new thoughts on the English?

  3. English Opening Tournament Chris1976

    Sure, depending on the time control. For me, it would either be correspondence, or 30 minute classical.

  4. English Opening Tournament Jacob531

    Would any of you enjoy having a private English Opening tournament for our team? I am undecided as to what variation to play, so any suggestions are welcome!

  5. ???????? Jacob531

    If they play 2...g6, I go with d4. If they play 2...e6 it is widely held that e4 is the best move for white. @Ege48

  6. ???????? Ege48

    1 c4 Nf6 suggestions for post

  7. Welcome! Jacob531

    Looks like we have some new members! Make sure that you lost your English Opening theory and your best EO games in the forums provided; let other people know what you think of their EO systems as well

  8. The Dragon Reversed! Jacob531


  9. The Dragon Reversed! DavyKOTWF

    I wonder might d4 be next here for White?

  10. The Dragon Reversed! Jacob531

    Don't like the lack of Nc3. That's about it, though.

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