The Classical Chess League

224 members

Welcome to the official Classical Chess League! We are now running multi-day classical swiss tournaments at time controls of G 90/30, G 60/30, and G 60+0. You play just one game/round per day each week in these events.

Rules of play- If you can't play the first round, then don't join until you can play. Late joins are allowed until half of the rounds are played. If you can't play the upcoming round, then don't late join. If you have to go after joining / play begins, resign your game. Don't just leave making your opponent wait an hour or more for the game to be resolved. If you won't be back for the rest of the tournament, then withdraw. Players who abuse these rules may be removed from the team.

Thank you for joining The Classical Chess League we hope you enjoy playing with us.


Quarter Finals25+10 • Classical • Rated2 rounds swiss
25+10 Qualifiers 225+10 • Classical • Rated4 rounds swiss
25+10 Qualifiers25+10 • Classical • Rated4 rounds swiss
25 + 10 Qualification Swiss25+10 • Classical • Rated1 rounds swiss
25 + 10 Qualification Swiss25+10 • Classical • Rated3 rounds swiss