The Chess Refinery

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join requests missing identification info will be automatically rejected

For Houston's The Chess Refinery and previous Center64 players and the Chess Pistols...... ask TD "K" for access. =) All I ask is that we know who one another is. No strangers, please. Identify yourself in the request to join with your first and last name. Thank you!

This will be free to access until the pandemic is over. It is a work in progress and a new outlet for our players to meet up online to play now that it has been deemed unsafe to meet up in person for OTB chess.

No cursing or cheating... You will get kicked out for any logical & moral reasons if deemed necessary. No funny business even if we are all going stir crazy with cabin fever. Thank you. =)

Some key points:

  1. We have no control over how pairings are done. Lichess does this automatically.
  2. These tournaments do not replicate an over-the-board swiss system format.
  3. You may be automatically resigned by Lichess if you don't make your first move within the very limited time allotted once paired.
  4. You must withdraw or pause immediately after a completed round if you don't want to be automatically paired with an available player for another round.
  5. If you have turned off your messaging feature, you might not be able to compete in the event and/or get messages from the organizer about future changes, etc.


Tues 8pm Speed Chess Arena3+2 • Blitz • Rated • 1hInner team
Sat 4pm Arena5+0 • Blitz • Rated • 1hInner team
Thurs Blitz 8pm Arena5+0 • Blitz • Rated • 1hInner team
Wed Slow 7pm Arena60+10 • Classical • Rated • 6hInner team
Tues Night 8pm Arena3+2 • Blitz • Rated • 1hInner team