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The Chaotic Neutral Warrior Poets TEAM

Chess and writing of all kinds and skill level. This is a team for people who enjoy creative chess play and good literature.
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  1. Does ELO rating affect creative play? Reynaud

    "Should I try every sacrifice I can't refute, or should I only sacrifice when I can calculate its soundness?" Is this a fair rephrasing of your question? If so, I'd say that in the long-run it's proba

  2. The Indisputable Lichess Conspiracy smiling_bishop

    Cool story bro. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The Indisputable Lichess Conspiracy dildoface

    Is this a real consipiracy or just a made up dream?

  4. The Indisputable Lichess Conspiracy noisivelet

    It was the night of January 16th, 2014 when I got a call from my friend telling me to beware a slew of emails he expected I'd receive in the next few weeks. He was right. My friend, Mr. Flint, is the

  5. Does ELO rating affect creative play? OMMHOA

    Rating indicates only how good you play chess. Sometimes everybody has a good mood for chess where he/she sees a nice combination which might be risky to take. There is a difference of course betw

  6. Does ELO rating affect creative play? Airtransformer

    I often find the most creative and powerful combinations come from a nonchalant intuition; hesitated only by a fear to take risks that will make me lose points. Are ratings really as important as beau

  7. Chess Lit. refract

    Silman's "complete endgame course" covers all the important endgames

  8. Chess Lit. thechessengine

    Logical Chess, is sort of a cross bread of a group of annotated games and chess theory. It isn't just like, "Hey, this move is good because ..." It says stuff like, "Hey, a player wants to get contr

  9. Chess Lit. Airtransformer

    Thank you! I like books that explain the "building blocks" then go into the logic of each variant not a big fan of just annotated game books with opinions on whats the best move. I like to

  10. Chess Lit. thechessengine

    Try Logical Chess: Move By Move (I would underline it, but that is not an option) it goes over some really famous games, but also explains EVERY move.

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