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The Bullet Players TEAM

A group of chess players who enjoy playing bullet chess. Everyone is welcome :)

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  1. bullet lol seanysean

    @dezerker LOL nice game :)

  2. bullet lol dezerker

  3. 100 members! seanysean


  4. The Triple B (Big Bad Bullet) players abhithegr8

    Link Please!

  5. The Triple B (Big Bad Bullet) players seanysean

    Okay, nice!

  6. The Triple B (Big Bad Bullet) players NM Deathmaster

    Guys please join my new bullet team!!!!

  7. Best Bullet Game Zhgilmev

    My stronger ))

  8. Best Bullet Game seanysean

    Post your best bullet game here! Here's mine:

  9. Super fast time controls! seanysean

    Congrats, your time control has been accepted!

  10. Super fast time controls! Chesstroll_Ingot

    Hello, bullet players! ;) I know you all like very fast games and situations, and I guess you would like to have also new, super fast time controls! I have created a team about 30sec+0 mode, that pr

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