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The Beginners of Chess TEAM

All the noobs in chess come here. Even I'm a noob, too!

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  1. Strategies to win in 4 moves or less ? SubM3

    There is something called Duras Gambit. You can easily win as white. 1.e4 f5 2. Qh5+ g6 3. Be2 gxh5 4. Bxh5# Though, this will not likely happen.

  2. Openings to use for blitz SubM3

    Dear all, What are good openings to use for blitz? Or is it just a matter of being familiar with openings that the player uses in general? Thanks, SubM3

  3. Strategies to win in 4 moves or less ? twospxwn

    is there any win in 2 move strategies

  4. The Beginners of Chess forum thechuff

    Great job!! I'm still waiting for mine...

  5. practice buddy HungLow

    Looking for a practice buddy to play slow games i'm prepping for a tournament and i want to practice my middle game by playing positions stemmed from my memorized openings.

  6. hello Dionysus_god

    If you train hard and long, you might be as good as me! Which is to say, it's within the realm of possibility to become mediocre at chess some day.

  7. The Beginners of Chess forum wei2912

    The chess CAPTCHA can't be disabled. Also, most of them are actually quite easy, as chess puzzles go.

  8. The Beginners of Chess forum Bladetronic


  9. hello Bladetronic

    Hello, im a noob, too. invite more players please. :D

  10. hello kingdestroyer

    hi im new and a noob

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