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Black stategymurshman •

I think for Black there are 2 opening goals: 1. don't get squeezed 2. enter the white position early enough

Weekly Horde tournamentmurshman •

Hi there, I do not think Black is favourite in this game. The more time, the more White can keep their pawn structure stable.

Weekly Horde tournamentDanHanouna •

Hello I really miss a good Horde Tournament, lets say in 3/0 because I feel that when Black has a lot of time it 's too easy to win with Black. What do you guys say about organizing a weekly to

How to play openingZayoneRodriguez •

I have a goal to reach 2000 in this variant, but I would like to learn a little bit about it before I start playing this variant. If you ever want to play some casual games I'm interested :). Maybe on

Black stategysheik_yerbouti •

I played some game and i won only with my white horde. When I played with back i managed to break the horde's line, but at the end I always lost. I really don't know which must be the exact stategy

How to play openingNonpareil •

At the start, white has 4 main moves that can be considered strong. E5 and D5 - are known to be played more often, while A5 and H5 are not so popular, but black have to be prepared for them too. Ot

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