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Pi vs tauschittering06 •

Which one is better in your opinion? Even though we have been using pi for a really long time, I think it's time for a change. In my opinion, it's way more natural to describe the circumference of a c

why does sin pi = 0krasnaya •

Start with a straight line and construct a circle with a center on that line. Call the points where the circle meets the line A and B. Now, if you pick any point C on the circle the points A, B and

For Math Fans - Simplex GraphsBarbettia123 •

why does sin pi = 0david9426 •

I wonder why sin pi=0

(Tutorial) - Combinatorics of Set PartitionsBarbettia123 •

Math Meets Matchmakingkrasnaya •

I have to admit, the math isn't overly complicated but sound nonetheless: kra

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