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That's Mathematics!!!! TEAM

This team is for people who love math, math jokes, math concepts and applications, and cool stuff like that.
Location: within the R of any Nth dimentional space

Forum (327)

  1. Longest King Maze Chess_Dogg

    Here's the solution to the longest one so far (230 moves). Can anybody see a way to make this one any longer?

  2. Longest King Maze Chess_Dogg

    The aim of a King Maze is for white to get to the goal square in as few moves as possible. Only king moves can be made for both sides and black must do their best to stop white from reaching the goal

  3. Riddle Sleepy_Gary

    Well done!

  4. Riddle NoseKnowsAll

    This isn't exactly a riddle, just an algebra problem. An nxn square has n^2 blocks, while an (n+1)x(n+1) square has (n+1)^2 blocks. The amount needed is (n+1)^2 - n^2 = 2n+1. An nxnxn cube has n

  5. Riddle Sleepy_Gary

    Here's one I thought of. A square of nxn blocks, with a side n needs 2n+1 blocks to make another square with side n+1. How many blocks does a cube with side n need to be a cube with side n+1?

  6. Anyone interested in playing custom positions? DoNotTouchMyPawns

    Hey guys, anyone interested in playing a custom position blitz match? please add me as a friend, and I have some nice FEN's to use. :D

  7. Mental maths AlwaysCheckmated

    I've only skipped one grade, but I still get called names like "Asian" and the like for my math skills- about the book, I haven't read the book per se, but I have picked up a few tricks about how to d

  8. Logarithm and trigonometry AChessPlayer2016

    The answer is -1.

  9. Quelques liens TranquilleChess

    Docteur en math Docteur en physique

  10. Mental maths V1chess


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