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That's Mathematics!!!! TEAM

This team is for people who love math, math jokes, math concepts and applications, and cool stuff like that.
Location: within the R of any Nth dimentional space

Forum (448)

  1. The Antelope Graph (Modified Knight) MrCharles

    I was doing a small bit of research on a number sequence that popped-out at me in the course of my work. Specifically, a modified (x, y) graph (grid). That research is a bit complex to explain, but, i

  2. MindYourDecisions YT channel Classicler

    Mathematician Presh Talwalkar tackles some tricky math problems from around the world, particularly in Asia. Math problems include this:

  3. Math Graduate Student AMA FM thijscom

    Do you know yet what you're going to do after your PhD? And your paper seems to be locked behind a paywall. Why don't you use free archiving services like arXiv? (Publishers are crooks really - the

  4. Math Graduate Student AMA NoseKnowsAll

    @MrCharles The only first author paper I have is called "the pseudoanalytical space-time method." It's about a performance improvement in modeling the acoustic wave equation while still maintaining "a

  5. Math Graduate Student AMA MrCharles

    What have you published? (Links, s'il vous plait.)

  6. Math Graduate Student AMA NoseKnowsAll

    @V1chess It's hard to give useful advice so early on in your life, but here are some general tips. Go into university with an open mind. It's too early for you to really know what being an aerospa

  7. Math Graduate Student AMA V1chess

    Hi, I'm a high school student (almost done with my sophomore year, only 2 days left) in Austin, Texas. I want to become an aerospace engineer, and get a master's degree. I'm also considering getting a

  8. Math Graduate Student AMA NoseKnowsAll

    Hello everyone. I'm a PhD candidate at UC Berkeley in Applied Mathematics. I am in the same department as the pure math students as well. My main research is in developing new numerical methods for so

  9. Juke Haps1

    What did the man say to the duck when he found it taking a shit on its head? Dued wtf?!

  10. jouke Haps1

    It only says titan?! It doesn't say titanic! stupid nigga u should go kill yourself. The jouke doesn't even make sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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