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That's Mathematics!!!! TEAM

This team is for people who love math, math jokes, math concepts and applications, and cool stuff like that.
Location: within the R of any Nth dimentional space

Forum (401)

  1. Geometry Hacks Munich

    A regulat triangle is made of 3 sides. The 3 sides can be seen as rotating in a circle. The exterior angle of a polygon is thus 360°/ nr_of_sides. In case of a regular triangle this is 360/3 = 120


    If x_1/x=radicalx+radicalx so x+1/x=?

  3. Questions, Obnoxious Puzzles. StevenEmily

    Here are 2 puzzles, the first one I have the answer to, the second I didn't try hard enough. Okay, so you start with (2)sqrt(2) 2 = sqrt(2) times sqrt(2) (sqrt(2)*

  4. Geometry Hacks ZicZhang


  5. Geometry Hacks NoseKnowsAll

    Great way to prove it haha. Basically if you can just align all of the angles around one point by translation using parallel lines, then you'll get what @Chess_Dogg has shown.

  6. Geometry Hacks Chess_Dogg

    Here's a visual proof on a chessboard ;)

  7. Geometry Hacks ZicZhang

    Does anybody know how to prove that the inner angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees? I know (not bragging).

  8. What is the formula for euler e ^ ipi + 1 = 0? Hatterix

    What do you mean? One such is e^(ix) = cos(x)+isin(x) Another is a^(ipi/ln(a)) = -1 There's also (I'll type in LaTeX so it's easier to read when plugged in, if you wanna see them transformed here

  9. Team Talk Classicler

    Are there any other teams you joined besides this one? Yes, you can join more than one team at the same time. Please check out my team, #UnitedSquad. Math stuff of any field can also be a conversation

  10. Math Pickup Lines Classicler

    Why did the baby take forever to be born? Its cells forgot how to divide and multiply

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