Telangana State Online Chess Tour U-7,9,13,15,19 (29th Aug)

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Telangana State Online Chess Tournament - 29th August 2020, Saturday
Under - 7,9,13,15,19

Player registration done through
Note: Registrations accepted till 10PM, 28th August 2020

Tournament Start Time: 10 AM
Total number of Rounds: 5
Time Control: 30 Min + 5 Sec
Break Time: 10 Min

Age Category:
Under 7-
Under 9 -
Under 13 -
Under 15-
Under 19 -
Note: After each round finishes every player has to click “Back to Tournament” Pop Up at right side of the board.

Age Category Trophy winner Top 5 Boys and Top 5 Girls

Game Rules and Regulations:
- Total number of rounds are 5 and Swiss league on Lichess platform
- Time Control: 30 Minutes + 5 Sec
- 10 Minute break between each round
- Lichess automatically does player paring based on the Lichess rating and players performance
- Organisers reserve the right to reject any entry without giving any reason
- Tournament authorities are not responsible if a player loses the game in case of poor network connection, power-cut, not joining the game on time or any technical issues at players device.
- If the Player is found using external help or engine, he/she will NOT be considered Eligible for the Enumeration Prizes and has the RIGHT TO BLOCK and at the same time ensure that they remain Neutral.
- Main Final Organisation Results to be announced after examining the Anti-Chess Verification Report.
- A player is eligible for only one prize.

Terms and Conditions
In case of cheating found during the game play, the organisers have all rights to remove players from the tournament and take legal action against players.

Best wishes
KS Prasad
Location: Hyderabad


Under 1930+5 • Classical • Rated5 rounds swiss
Under 1530+5 • Classical • Rated5 rounds swiss
Under 1330+5 • Classical • Rated5 rounds swiss
Under - 930+5 • Classical • Rated5 rounds swiss
Under 730+5 • Classical • Rated5 rounds swiss


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