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TCCT is the abbreviation for: The CC team

Forum (29)

  1. CHESS Coin a scam? stayoutoftherz

    No information, no news, no events, no tournaments. Did the CHESS coin founders leave, after grabbing the money?

  2. Organize new tournament... elikemattah

    when is the next tournament?

  3. Organize new tournament... ZzzzeyeZzzz

    So the next appointment for a new tournament then again in 4 weeks... there few have been here on Friday night... maybe another appointment is better? Who a tournament want to organize with prize mone

  4. Organize new tournament... aztecx

    I do some cryptocurrency training in free time. Yeah it's a nice coin. I've checked it out a few days ago. Chess coin has a great future, but it needs to work out on it's promotion and website devel

  5. Organize new tournament... ZzzzeyeZzzz

    Thanks for the feedback :-) Well that's are right Coins and I can donate the ChessCoins for the tournament and I have the 13125 ChessCoins for each month to run a tournament... maybe someone can fun

  6. Organize new tournament... aztecx

    Nice idea to implement cryptocurrency as reward system. We should have tournaments here every week. Why only at the end of every month?

  7. Organize new tournament... ZzzzeyeZzzz

    Who would like to organize a tournament? (accept the rules of lichess and start the warm up one hour before... - once a month (always on the last Friday of the month 20:00 UTC) - in one day - open

  8. tournaments #3 and #4 soon nioc

    When do you want to play the tournaments #3 and #4 ? * This or next weekend? * bitcointalk dot org/index.php?topic=1510517.msg27301473#msg27301473

  9. Everything about the ChessCoin Wallet and the Blockchain ZzzzeyeZzzz

    Download the wallet software from here: Download the current bootstrap files from here: (you can find the current

  10. preliminary end results: tourney #1 and #2 nioc

    info about prize distribution in my blog here: * "Dec 31: prize distribution of chess tournaments (#1 and #2)" * github dot com/chess-fan/thoughts

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