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Tactics atWar TEAM

This is an elite group of excellent players that would wreck you. If you would like to join you have to beat b0nker2, and eat pizza for a straight year.
Location: Mars

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  2. New Supreme Dictator The-Tactician

    no ss = lies mwhahahaha

  3. Meeting Point b0nker2

    That feeling when imagining what hellball(Yoba) looks like then thinking you see him in the street. It was a nice kebab too.

  4. New Supreme Dictator Hellball

  5. New Supreme Dictator Spartacus1843

    I have defeated your leader, and therefore, I am know your new leader. Bow before me martians!

  6. Meeting Point The-Tactician


  7. Meeting Point Freeland


  8. Meeting Point The-Tactician

    If you would like to meet in person, go to Houston Texas. Enter the NASA HQ and request to go to Stalins City in Mars. After that you must knock on door and bring present. Then, you may speak.

  9. Tactics atWar forum lichess

    Welcome to the Tactics atWar forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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