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8 members

Swingkyd Fan Club TEAM

Tournament points: 108,960

Team leader: parrotz

Best players

  1. LM Lance5500
  2. Sonata2
  3. eaguiraud
  4. parrotz
  5. Yasan999
  6. KSops
  7. swingkyd

Recent members

Secret club for fans of the one and only swingkyd.
Location: Just below the Arctic Circle, CA

Forum (3)

  1. Showcase weird solutions swingkyd

    Five knights solution:

  2. parrotz fan club swingkyd

    Ever wonder who this parrotz guy is? check out his fan club!

  3. Swingkyd Fan Club forum lichess

    Welcome to the Swingkyd Fan Club forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

Swingkyd Fan Club Forum »