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Style Masters TEAM

We organize leagues, knockout tournaments and tournaments with different time controls, we will post everything in advance. More information will be put in the forums. The tournaments will have sections and you can go in a higher section! We do both- casual and rated. Let's become the top league!
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  1. Timetable NM mysterious_expert

    Ok, let's start the 1st league sign-ups! There is the Open, U1900 and U1500. You can play up in sections. The following things you need to say if you want to join: I want to join, if you want rated or

  2. Timetable thekid456-berserk

    what we gonna do

  3. Timetable Radioactive7

    At least for major ones i hope. No need to schedule small tournaments. I hope we can actually start a league soon!

  4. Timetable zstone


  5. Timetable Radioactive7

    Yay! This will be the timetable for the tournaments. At least I hope so. I am probably not going to be posting the schedules, but it feels nice to start off the forum. Can't wait to play in these tour

  6. Style Masters forum NM mysterious_expert

    If you don't know how to get to the team from here I will tell you how: 1. Click on this link 2. Click" Join team" and you are in!

  7. Style Masters forum lichess

    Welcome to the Style Masters forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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