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The Chess Trophy will include again a No-Castling-Chess event with three preliminaries and a final. Pre-registration is easy by entering your name, nationality, club and year of birth no later than one hour prior to the tournament start.

16.07.2022: 14.00 hrs (preliminary 1)
report on the tournament is here:

17.07.2022: 10.00 hrs (preliminary 2)
report on the tournament is here:

18.07.2022: 18.00 hrs (preliminary 3)
report on the tournament is here:

24.07.2022: 10.00 hrs (finals)

No Castling Chess is played in all tournaments. Castling is disabled by technical means and not a valid move.
First 8 players of the preliminary tournaments are qualified for the final. Pre-qualified players give their berth to subsequent players. Check our announcements under for details and prizes!


NCC Sparkassen Open Final 202210+5 • Rapid • Casual7 rounds swiss
NCC Sparkassen Online Open 310+5 • Rapid • Casual7 rounds swiss
NCC Sparkassen Online Open 210+5 • Rapid • Casual7 rounds swiss
NCC Sparkassen Online Open 110+5 • Rapid • Casual7 rounds swiss