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SmashTimeFools Fan Club TEAM

Tournament points: 7,680

Team leader: AcademicNinja99

Best players

  1. pilat8888
  2. AcademicNinja99
  3. Radioactive7

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He is The Smasher of All Possible Fools. Smashing fools is his life's ambition. We, the fools who have joined this team, admire him even though he may smash us too, and we will smash the fools weaker than us in his honor!

"The fools are led by a creature called GrandLapin, the master fool." [AcademicNinja99: Isn't the master fool the lowest rated of them?] "Trust me, by the time I'm done with that semi-perverted bugsbunny, he will be."

We're waiting for that :)
Location: Lichess

Forum (3)

  1. SmashTimeFools Fan Club forum AcademicNinja99

    Hey! :)

  2. SmashTimeFools Fan Club forum pilat8888


  3. SmashTimeFools Fan Club forum lichess

    Welcome to the SmashTimeFools Fan Club forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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