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The official lichess team for the Slow Chess League. We are now running live multi-day classical swiss tournaments at time controls of G/60+30 and G/90+30. You play just one game/round per day in these events. You play on one day each week or once each day during a week.

Rules of Play - We password protect our tournaments to prevent early registration to minimize pairings with no-show players. The password restriction is removed about 1 hour before play begins making registration open for all team members. If you can't play the first round, then don't join until you can play. Late joins are allowed until half of the rounds are played. If you can't play the upcoming round, then don't late join. If you have to go after joining / play begins, resign your game. Don't just leave making your opponent wait an hour or more for the game to be resolved. If you won't be back for the rest of the tournament, then withdraw. Players who abuse these rules may be removed from the team.

Addendum: Thanks to MrBlunderful, we now know that you can withdraw before a round if you can't play that one and then join again after to play future rounds without penalty. However, it appears that no 1/2 point bye is given in that situation. So if you can't play in a round, please withdraw before it starts so as not to be paired. Then rejoin when you can play another round.

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Completed Tournaments:

2021 Sundays in April Classical -
2021 Saturdays in April Classical -
2021 Sundays in March Classical -
2021 Saturdays in March Classical -
2021 Saturdays in Feb Classical -
2021 Saturdays in Jan Classical -


Saturdays in May Classical90+30 • Classical • Rated5 rounds swiss
Playing right now
Sundays in May Classical90+30 • Classical • Rated5 rounds swiss
Playing right now
Sundays in April Classical90+30 • Classical • Rated4 rounds swiss
Saturdays in April Classical90+30 • Classical • Rated4 rounds swiss
Sundays in March Classical90+30 • Classical • Rated4 rounds swiss


New March TournamentsSirIvanhoe •

Check out our new tournaments scheduled for March: Saturdays Classical - 1 G/90+30 game per week on Saturdays at 1pm EST/EDT-US during March Sundays Classical - 1 G/60+30 game per week on Sundays

Slow Chess League on FacebookSirIvanhoe •

As we have discontinued our website, please join us in our Facebook group for info including announcements and events on all servers where we have a presence -

Upcoming Swiss TournamentsMagusch •

Great, G/45 also very good time control as you have it in In chessDoJo and other clubs you can find many active players for classic and rapid chess. need to promote SCL more.

Upcoming Swiss TournamentsSirIvanhoe •

I have scheduled two tournaments coming up. One is a single day 3 round tournament at G/30+5. The other is a 1 round per day, 5 round tournament scheduled for a round on each Saturday in January. See

September SignupsSirIvanhoe •

Signups are closing at 22:00 LT/NY on Friday, August 31. Don't miss out. Go to to get signed up.

September SignupsSirIvanhoe •

Signups are now open for our September lichess section. Go to to be included.

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