Sir Glenn Online Prized Tournaments

126 members

This group is created to host online prized tournaments from sponsors who wants a reputable tournaments devoid of anonymous “cheaters” whose intention is to “rob” honest players of their prizes.

All members of this group must do the ff:

  1. Answer the “anti-cheating” waiver form.
  2. Complete your lichess profile by displaying your full name, age, gender and flag from your country of origin.
  3. Complete the minimum rated games so your rating will not have (❓) question mark.
  4. You must not share password with non-members especially in the group chat. The admin has the right to deny prizes for undesired individuals who ‘smuggled’ their way into membership.
  5. Pls prepare your ‘valid Gov’t ID’ or ‘proof of age’ even pictures readily available when asked by the admins.

Please be aware that we impose 48 hrs delay in awarding of prizes to allow lichess to “catch” possible cheaters. We do not say the the player whose account was tagged as “cheating” by lichess actually cheated because it is possible that there is ‘false positives’. However, we will stand by the rules as a policy.

Rest be assured that everthing will be CONFIDENTIAL but we have the RIGHT to REVOKE your MEMBERSHIP until the ‘lichess tagging’ is REVERSED through the APPEAL process in lichess. We will not meddle with it nor we will recognize anyone or any institution who would express the opposite decision made by lichess. For this we sincerely apologize.

If all things are CLEAR and FAIR. Welcome to the group.


Sir Glenn Birthday Open Blitz3+0 • Blitz • Rated21 rounds swiss
Sir Glenn Birthday Rapid U137+2 • Rapid • Rated9 rounds swiss