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This is the official team for fans of the Saint Louis Chess Club, the world's premier Chess Club in Missouri, USA.
Location: Saint Louis, Missouri


Knights .vs Bishops7+3 • Rapid • Casual5 rounds swiss
Endgame - Queen or No Queen5+0 • Blitz • Casual3 rounds swiss
Endgame - Losing Tempo5+0 • Blitz • Casual3 rounds swiss
Rule of the Square Tournament3+2 • Blitz • Casual5 rounds swiss
Endgame Tournament: The Rook1+0 • Bullet • Casual5 rounds swiss


Satranç ClubPazarici •

Dear Friends, please join our award-winning intercultural chess club. Admittedly, we are playing in another timezone in Europe, hence no competition with the legendary St Louis Chess Club. But we

How to join Chess Club Discord Servermailbox •

Nevermind! i received the link to your discord channel upon registration of the event.

How to join Chess Club Discord Servermailbox •

Hi Chess club, I noticed that you require tournament participants to be on discord prior to every round. Please provide me an invite to your discord server. Thanks!

tournaments passwordsdlarue •

The registration links are on Just follow the events drop down menu to the event that you'd like to participate in.

tournaments passwordsGometius238 •

how does it works? is it not enough to be a lichess group member?I try to take parts to tournaments whenever I can,I can even play elsewhere,just asking . password is on facebook page(perhaps I'm a

Memesarcheo2 •

Hi ! I just wanted to introduce a new facebook meme page I made for a project. Feel free to follow if you like or if you want to help for the beginning :)

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