RK Elite 2000+

11 members

--- This team is put on halt for the duration of the 2020 Racing Kings World Cup. Elite swiss or arena tournaments will be resumed and new members will be invited once the world cup nears its end. ---

A team for elite RK events.

We are hosting elite RK tournaments every week(end). The arenas will be streamed live by RoyalManiac ( and he will cover all played games on his stream once a tournament has ended.

This group is invite only, please do not request to join unless you've been contacted by one of the team leaders.

All currently played tournaments:

Racing Kings Elite No 1 (17.05.): l Winner: RoyalManiac

Racing Kings Elite No 2 (24.05.): l Winner: Holstentor


The First Rk Battle Team Battle3+2 • Racing Kings • Rated • 45m10 teams battle
Racing Kings Elite No 23+2 • Racing Kings • Rated3 rounds swiss
Racing Kings Elite No 13+2 • Racing Kings • Rated7 rounds swiss