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retardedplatypus123 fan club TEAM

join if you are a fan of platy, a rising superstar in the zh world and a classy young man.
Location: canada

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  1. flourish "pretty good for a platypus" moonenaneBETA


  2. flourish "pretty good for a platypus" KyleLegion

    even better for a retarded one

  3. flourish "pretty good for a platypus" Flourish

    overheard in discord voice server.

  4. opperwezen "I fear this player" retardedplatypus123


  5. opperwezen "I fear this player" KyleLegion

    Platy is the most improved zh player. I remember first playing him when he was 1900 shortly after lichess implemented crazyhouse. Now he's a world class player, #3 in the biggest zh/bug nation.

  6. opperwezen "I fear this player" moonenaneBETA

    i fear him too hes like 3000 strength in bughouse on

  7. opperwezen "I fear this player" okei

    In live voice chat during the Elite ZH Arena last Saturday at 7pm GMT.

  8. retardedplatypus123 fan club forum lichess

    Welcome to the retardedplatypus123 fan club forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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