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Raphdel2007 fanclub TEAM

Everybody can join this team !
Location: Lichess World

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  1. Tourney raphdel2007

    Hey everyone, Sat. 2/9 TEXAS VS Raphdel2007 fanclub TEAM 7+2 • RAPID • 1H 40M • Casual • Feb 9, 5:00 PM Password: Friendly

  2. The hippopotamus setup John33

    guys i need some help. this hippo can be very useful at times as few players know how to play against it. but sometimes the hippo recoils back. can you post some studies regarding the hippo , discussi

  3. Study raphdel2007

    New study about the French Defense :, please give both likes !

  4. Arena raphdel2007 ONLY BERSERK !

  5. Finally a raphdel2007 fanclub!:) raphdel2007


  6. Finally a raphdel2007 fanclub!:) Alihene2

    I have been wating for this and now it's here! thx @raphdel2007 :)

  7. My Discord raphdel2007

    J'ai un compte discord, vous pouvez joindre ici mon fanclub sur discord : ! I've got a discord account, here you can join my discord fanclub :

  8. Raphdel2007 fanclub forum lichess

    Welcome to the Raphdel2007 fanclub forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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