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RacingKingsKing fans TEAM

fans of a big racing kings supporter, 38th winner of the racing kings revolution and the player with the nicest username
have fun with playing our monthy racing kings tournements

table for RacingKingsKing fans cup 2019:
--- name ------------------points-----------------tournement points
1. @RacingKingsKing ----3-------------------------43------------------
2. @TheYuriy ---------------2-------------------------26------------------
3. @paulinho98 ------------1--------------------------22------------------
next tournement:

hall of fame:
winner tournements 2018:
@BlackBishop9319 , @hipno , @RacingKingsKing
Elite Racing Kings 2019 :
1. @RacingKingsKing
Location: racing kings world

Forum (30)

  1. RacingKingsKing cup 2019 RacingKingsKing

    hi friends you can collect the next points for RKK cup 2019 here: in August there will be a yearly special RKK cup with 14 points point system: 1. 6points 2. 4p

  2. Elite Racing Kings RacingKingsKing

    The next Elite Racing Kings arena is coming this time the time controll is 0,5+0 Have fun, RKK

  3. RacingKingsKing cup 2019 RacingKingsKing

    Hi friends, This year i want to do the RacingKingsKing fans cup. Its a cup with 12 arenas in one year. 1. get 3 points, 2. get 2 points, 3.get 1 point. The table you see on the team despriction In

  4. Elite Racing Kings RacingKingsKing

    Hi friends I would like to do a Elite Racing Kings tournement Plaese take part: Have fun RKK

  5. Racing kings 0+1 Grainiac Please join

  6. tournement RacingKingsKing

    Hi friends, Our next two tournements are coming They are here: 1.spezial event (50 member Celebration arena): 2.monthy arena:

  7. The Final 5 VanyaM2

  8. Password VanyaM2


  9. Saturday Tournament BombastischerBomba

    nice tournament! I will play, too.

  10. 50 member Celebration DaLeBe

    1+0 50 minutes thats great

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