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racing kings Team Battle3+2 • Racing Kings • Rated • 2h7 teams battle
Racing Kings Team Battle3+2 • Racing Kings • Rated • 1h10 teams battle
Daily Racing Kings Team Battle3+0 • Racing Kings • Rated • 1h 20m6 teams battle
Racing Kings Team Battle3+0 • Racing Kings • Rated • 1h5 teams battle
RacingKingsQueen Team Battle3+0 • Racing Kings • Rated • 1h6 teams battle


Next Team BattleRacingKingsKing •

The house is organising rk team battles week. You can sign up here: Also feel free to join The House dicord and Racing Kings2020 discord server

Love_Yacing_Kings Teamsaumye001 •

Hello everyone!It is to inform you all that I've created a new team(Love_Racing_Kings).This team is for those who love to play racing kings(no matter,what their ratings are).Please do join if you sati

Next Team Battlesaumye001 •

When are we gonna have our next racing kings team battle?

Team BattleRacingKingsKing •

On Sunday theres the first racing kings team battle!

RKK fans cupRacingKingsKing •

Only 2 months left to our huge tournament the yearly RKK fans cup. Some information: It is decided that it will be a 1 hour tournament of 2+1 rated racing kings. prices: 6 points for #1 4 points f

next tournementRacingKingsKing •

The next tournement:

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