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Racing Kings Leaderboard Reformation TEAM

A team wanting a change in the racing kings leaderboard, because of people being there when they don't belong there
Location: Racing Kings Leaderboard, Lichess

Forum (4)

  1. Ideas of making RK popular again? Redscales

    Ummm... I know I said this before, and it probably won't work, but maybe a seperate website?

  2. Ideas of making RK popular again? chesslo21

    Ideas: More Revival of RKS Prize money tournaments Flyers for big tournaments of RK Anybody else have ideas?

  3. :(. thekid456

    clearly and sadly, I don't think that this team will be very big, why don't u advertiseee this in other RK communities too

  4. Racing Kings Leaderboard Reformation forum lichess

    Welcome to the Racing Kings Leaderboard Reformation forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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