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PyChess is a free, open-source chess server designed to play several chess variants.

Currently supported games are Makruk, Makpong, Ouk Chaktrang, Sittuyin, ASEAN Chess, Shogi, Minishogi, Kyoto shogi, Dobutsu shogi, Gorogoro shogi, Xiangqi, Manchu, Janggi, Minixiangqi, Placement, Crazyhouse, Atomic, Duck chess, S-chess, Capablanca, Gothic, Grand, Shako, Shogun, Orda, Synochess, Hoppel-Poppel, Shinobi, Empire, Orda Mirror, Chak, Chennis, Spartan chess, S-house (S-chess+Crazyhouse), Capahouse (Capablanca+Crazyhouse), Grandhouse (Grand+Crazyhouse), and Chess.

Additionally, you can check the Chess960 option for Chess, Crazyhouse, Atomic, S-chess, Capablanca, and Capahouse to start games from random positions with Chess960 castling rules.

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FRC Daily 3+3, 12h Team Battle3+3 • Chess960 • Rated • 12h190 teams battle
Fischer Random Chess Liga 83rd Team Battle3+0 • Chess960 • Rated • 12h192 teams battle
Weekly Chess960 SuperBlitz Team Battle3+0 • Chess960 • Rated • 4h34 teams battle
Weekly Chess960 SuperBlitz Team Battle3+0 • Chess960 • Rated • 4h34 teams battle
Weekly Chess960 SuperBlitz Team Battle3+0 • Chess960 • Rated • 4h31 teams battle


Synoshinobi Variant IdeaKingILikesMinecraft •

A regular game --> Jinx, it's only an image edit, some moves might not make sense or is illegal.

Synoshinobi Variant IdeaKingILikesMinecraft •

This, a beautiful masterpiece: On Pychess, there is Synochess, and Shinobi. I had this idea because the Shinobi army moves

Crazyhouse960 Tournament Spring Invitational 2022 - Final StandingsFM Crazy_Eight •

Hey all! Big thanks for NM @visualdennis for making this tournament possible It has helped all of the participants enjoy their Crazyhouse & zh960 hobbies much more. The mini-matches were intense a

Crazyhouse960 Tournament Spring Invitational 2022 - Final StandingsNM visualdennis •

Hello everyone, As of today, 2nd October 2022, i can proudly announce that we have finally completed our 6.5 months long journey of this mini Crazyhouse960 Tournament! :) Congrats to @Mugwort for t

Crazyhouse960 Tournament Spring Invitational 2022FM Crazy_Eight •

Yeah @Mugwort , that would be okay as well. Thanks, and see you Saturday at 10:00 UTC

Crazyhouse960 Tournament Spring Invitational 2022Mugwort •

I can also do 10:00UTC July 2nd so we can watch mastertan vs kleerkast 11:00UTC. Crazy_Eight is that OK with you?

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